This one however knocked it out of the park. I love it and I even made a repurchase of the same colour together with a few others. It is not at all drying. I don’t find myself reaching out to lip balms to keep my lips from cracking after using this lipstick. I really like […]

The Beauty Blender is one of those items you never thought you needed until this cute little egg shape of a sponge finds its way into your hands. Then you’ll be kicking yourself wondering why hadn’t you try it earlier. Before you know it, a beauty blender or makeup sponge suddenly becomes part of your […]

Every girl has a different skincare regime. The number of steps ranges from just one to maybe 10 or more? For this trip, I had 5 skincare essentials that kept my skin pretty happy throughout. I love make up and a good makeup remover is my highest priority. I’ve used the Heimish All Clean Balm […]

I visited Bangkok over the weekend and it was a blast! Bangkok was very much like a treasure island to me. There were so many gems hidden in the different nooks and crannies within malls, markets and streets. The people were generally nice and their smiles were filled with a warmth you don’t often get […]

I have been into makeup sponges this year. It started because my friend got me a beauty blender for my birthday last year and it got me hooked to the wonders of a makeup sponge. Amongst the few sponges that I tried was the Pony Effect Pebble Blender. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed. It […]

My tiny island is blessed with the full attention of the Sun and we bask in its glory all year round. But the weather has been horrendous recently. October has been a blur. There has been so many things that went on this month. Finally I’ve gotten enough down time to slap on a mask […]

Here’s an oldie but a goodie that I’m really reluctant to put away. There are 6 gorgeous neutral shades that I absolutely loved using as an everyday eye make up. I’ve hit pan on W.O.S, Naked 2 and Faint. I am about to hit pan on Foxy and Venus soon. I like to bring this […]