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5 Skincare Trip Essentials

Every girl has a different skincare regime. The number of steps ranges from just one to maybe 10 or more? For this trip, I had 5 skincare essentials that kept my skin pretty happy throughout. I love make up and a good makeup remover is my highest priority. I’ve used the Heimish All Clean Balm […]

Dr Jart+ Rubber Mask : Clear Skin

My tiny island is blessed with the full attention of the Sun and we bask in its glory all year round. But the weather has been horrendous recently. October has been a blur. There has been so many things that went on this month. Finally I’ve gotten enough down time to slap on a mask […]

Eaude Muge Medicated Lotion

The Eaude Muge medicated lotion is a toner specially formulated to treat acne prone skin. It is suppose to kill off bacteria that causes acne and reduce inflammation. It is a colorless solution that  can be used either in the morning or at night although I wouldn’t recommend doing so as it might be abit […]

Banila Co : Clean it Zero

Now put your hands up! For all you beauty junkies that has heard about the Banila Co Clean it Zero. I am sure that many would have come across this much talked about cleansing balm. I finally caved and decided to give this a go, and I must say it did not disappoint. A little […]

Innisfree : Green Tea Fresh Cream

The Green Tea Fresh Cream is made up of 84.2% of green tea extract. This particular product is made for those with oily skin which I decided to purchase since my skin type is combinational oily. Green tea leaves or extract is popularly known for its anti-oxidant properties, but besides that, green tea also has […]

Senka : Perfect Whip

A little goes a long way. This cleanser foams up easily and it is very gentle on the skin.  It does not dry out your skin after wash neither does it have that squeaky clean effect. However it does leave your skin fresh and smooth after a wash. The cleanser foams up easily which creates a […]

Soap & Glory Body Butter : The Righteous Butter

With softening shea butter and aloe vera, get sinfully soft skin with the righteous butter. I absolutely love smearing this all over my skin especially when my skin is feeling particularly dry. To be honest, I never really loved applying moisturizers mainly because it tends to sit on my skin and they don’t absorb well. […]