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2017 Lipstick Review

Hand to heart I was never able to finish using up a lipstick until this year. So in honour that I actually manage to use up not 1 but 4 lipsticks (inclusive of a coloured lip balm) here I am talking about them. The Kat Von D liquid lipstick (Double Dare) was a favorite colour […]

The Balm : Shady Lady Special Edition

If you’re looking for a shimmery palette, you may want to check out The Shady Lady (Special Edition) by The Balm. All 9 shadows are shimmers with pretty unique mischievous names. The shades in this palette are heavily pigmented and buttery. Its what I would normally use when I’m rushing to work or just plain […]

Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip [Doozy]

This one however knocked it out of the park. I love it and I even made a repurchase of the same colour together with a few others. It is not at all drying. I don’t find myself reaching out to lip balms to keep my lips from cracking after using this lipstick. I really like […]

Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender is one of those items you never thought you needed until this cute little egg shape of a sponge finds its way into your hands. Then you’ll be kicking yourself wondering why hadn’t you try it earlier. Before you know it, a beauty blender or makeup sponge suddenly becomes part of your […]

Pony Effect : Pebble Blender

I have been into makeup sponges this year. It started because my friend got me a beauty blender for my birthday last year and it got me hooked to the wonders of a makeup sponge. Amongst the few sponges that I tried was the Pony Effect Pebble Blender. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed. It […]

Urban Decay : Naked Basics

Here’s an oldie but a goodie that I’m really reluctant to put away. There are 6 gorgeous neutral shades that I absolutely loved using as an everyday eye make up. I’ve hit pan on W.O.S, Naked 2 and Faint. I am about to hit pan on Foxy and Venus soon. I like to bring this […]

Etude House : Any Cushion Cream Filter [Tan]

I’ve been ill the past week or so and getting ready for work has been even more of a struggle. ¬†Any additional step that requires me to get ready, is a huge no go. So I skipped on my usual foundation routine (which only consists of dampening my beauty sponge to apply my foundation) and […]