Banila Co : Clean it Zero

Now put your hands up! For all you beauty junkies that has heard about the Banila Co Clean it Zero. I am sure that many would have come across this much talked about cleansing balm. I finally caved and decided to give this a go, and I must say it did not disappoint. A little goes along way and with a tiny scoop I can easily remove my whole face of make up.


Use the spatula provided or anything that can help you scoop the balm out and start massaging it onto your face without water. The balm will begin to melt into an oil that will help to dissolve and remove the make up on your face. Because this balm is also made with papaya extract (an ingredient known for exfoliating properties) it is suppose to help with exfoliating course skin and remove skin impurities.

The Clean it Zero is meant for all skin types but they also have the Clean it Zero – Purity suitable for sensitive skin, Clean it Zero – Radiance suitable for dry skin and Clean it Zero -Resveratrol suitable for oily skin.



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