Monthly Archives: February 2017

February Recap

I thought February was a rather fruitful month in terms of blogging. I feel pretty happy that I’ve been rather motivated to keep at a constant pace of blogging. It’s nice getting back into the groove of journalling my thoughts again. Here’s the round up for this month: February Empties Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Cream […]

Haigh’s Chocolates

If you ever visit Australia, in particular Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide, and you’re looking for something sweet to bring home. You may want to consider getting some of Haigh’s chocolates. They have a wide variety of chocolates to choose from. You’ve got the classic dark and the milk chocolate pastilles to the pretty packaged boxed […]

Banila Co : Clean it Zero

Now put your hands up! For all you beauty junkies that has heard about the Banila Co Clean it Zero. I am sure that many would have come across this much talked about cleansing balm. I finally caved and decided to give this a go, and I must say it did not disappoint. A little […]

Innisfree : Green Tea Fresh Cream

The Green Tea Fresh Cream is made up of 84.2% of green tea extract. This particular product is made for those with oily skin which I decided to purchase since my skin type is combinational oily. Green tea leaves or extract is popularly known for its anti-oxidant properties, but besides that, green tea also has […]

January Recap

January flew by quite literally. The pile of work that smugly greets you at your desk each day, the endless toil of sieving through emails, replying to the most urgent and the urgent (because everything is urgent).   I thank God for this long weekend to catch up on some personal time. Despite work, I’ve […]